335 N Walnut St. | PO Box 85 | Colfax, IA | (515) 415-3763

Our Story

Hello I'm Sarah Myers DVM

Our family is excited to share our recent acquisition of the Colfax Livestock Sales Co. We are looking forward to continuing the same high quality livestock sales offered for decades by the Cogley family. Additionally, we will be updating, modernizing and adding services and sales to this faithful building and it's many employees.

In the next few months, one exciting change will be the addition of our new vet practice, "Our Family Veterinary Clinic." We strive to meet all of your large and small animal needs with this full service practice. We are so thankful for the support of the community and our patrons.

Thank you,

Sarah, Paden, Clara, Celia, Haddi, and Claet Myers